Megumi Otsuka is a Tokyo-based photographer. She was born and raised in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan and moved to Tokyo in 2002. She started taking street photographs of the city of Tokyo with monochrome film around 2003 and her first photobook titled "TOKYO" was published in 2012. The series was published in the Japanese leading camera magazines, "Asahi Camera" and "Nippon Camera". And in 2014, her second photobook titled "IBIZA" was published, featuring monochrome photographs she took at clubs in Ibiza. 

Since 2020, she has participated in many group exhibitions across the world.  



Everything in the world has a shadow regardless of it being alive or not. Given the truth that everything that exists in this world today will one day disappear, we can say that in a sense, everything is alive while it exists, whether it has a soul or not. Shadows cling to all such things as a reminder of the end that will surely come to them one day. Light embraces everything with warmth although it only glimmers for a short moment periodically in the darkness of one's inner thoughts. In the monotonous and lifeless repetition of daily life, one can not lose their shadow that hints of death. Instead, all one can do is wait for a little light to shine into their darkness, where bitter memories repeatedly hunt them down. Such daily life is gray, or monochrome. It's a monochrome world, with radiant light contrasting with black darkness.  

Upcoming & Current Exhibitions

4th Chania International Photo Festival, Chania, Greece, Jul.1 - 6



The places that carry the above photobooks


​Shashasha EU (online)

Sokyusha Gallery 

Shinshin Bldg. 3F, 1-3-5, Shinjuku,

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan 

Tel: +81-3-3358-3974


Park Life Store and Gallery 

220 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

Kunstkiosk im Helmhaus 

Limmatquai 31, CH-8001, Zurich


Millepiani, Rome, Italy : Windows into the Virtual  (juried group exhibition), 2021

Millepiani, Rome, Italy : Post-Industrialism  (juried group exhibition), ​2021

Millepiani, Rome, Italy : The Man and the Machine (juried group exhibition), 2020

PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary : Motion (juried group exhibition, juror: Zsolt Batori), 2020

KromArt Gallery , Rome, Italy : The Art of Photography   (juried group exhibition held by PH21 Gallery, juror: Zsolt Batori), 2020

Black Box Gallery, Portland, USA : Dynamic: Shadow and Light (juried group exhibition, juror: Todd Johnson), 2020

Black Box Gallery, Portland, USA : Vision: Black and White (juried group exhibition, online annex, juror: Todd Johnson), 2020

Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, USA : The Shadow Aspect (juried group exhibition, juror: Ross Anderson), 2020

Sokyusha Gallery, Tokyo, Japan : Untitled (solo exhibition), 2008

Café gallery huit, Tokyo, Japan : Time Doesn't Stop (solo exhibition), 2006

Café gallery huit, Tokyo, Japan : Untitled (solo exhibition), 2005

Golden-gai Kodoji, Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo (solo exhibition), 2005



2nd Place, 16th Pollux Awards, Street Photography Category (series, juror: Stephen Perloff), 2021

Honorable Mention, New York Center for Photographic ArtStreet Photography Competition (juror: Michael Itkoff), 2020

Honorable Mention, 15th Pollux Awards, Non-Professional Section, Street Photography Category (single, juror: Julio Hirsch-Hardy), 2020 

Honorable Mention, MonoVisions Photography Awards, Street Photography Category (series), 2020

Finalist, Passepartout Photography Prize, 2020


IBIZASokyusha, Japan, 2014

TOKYOSokyusha, Japan, 2012


<Published in>

Emergence 2 (zine), Glasgow Gallery of Photography, UK, 2021

Nippon Camera (magazine), Japan, 2006, 2012

Asahi Camera (magazine), Japan, 2008

nagare (magazine), Japan, 2007, 2008